Just Beez offers two courses in Mindfulness. Bespoke training and consultancy services are also available upon enquiry. Edward also teaches two Monday night classes in Nottingham city centre: Mindfulness (Introductory course) and Wakefulness (deepening your Mindfulness practice).


Mindfulness for Schools (4 days)

This four day course covers:

  • Establishing a Mindful School Culture
  • Mindful Classroom Management
  • Teaching students The 5-step Meditation
  • Evaluating Mindfulness meaningfully


This course is for teachers and learning assistants who have previously undertaken a course in Mindfulness for their own development and have a regular Mindfulness practice and wish to introduce Mindfulness within their educational setting.

The course is unique in several ways:

  • It emphasises the necessity of a whole school appraoch to Mindfulness and includes tools and strategies for moving in this direction.
  • At the heart of  a Mindful school culture is Mindful classroom management, which can be taken as a stand alone course. This training equips teachers and learning assistants with calm behaviour management strategies that encourage self-awareness and educative responses to conflict.
  • The course includes training in teaching the 5-step meditation to students and an exemplar scheme of work. The 5-step meditation allows students to develop a longer practice, which is built up progressively over several lessons.
  • Access to an app is provided, encouraging regular home practice.
  • Mindful diaries are used as an evaluation strategy, which further encourage ongoing reflection.

To book a place on this course please see our 'courses' page.


Mindful Classroom management (1 day)

This course is accessible for all and is for teachers and learning assistants wishing to learn calm classroom managment strategies. It covers understanding the real meaning of discipline, understanding the language of behaviour, modelling non-reactivity and identifying educative responses to conflict.

To book a place on this course please see our 'courses' page.


Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Mindfulness?

A. Mindfulness is commonly defined as bringing awareness to the present moment with kindness. It is a way of being, which can be enhanced through a meditation or stillness practice.

Q. What evidence supports the value of Mindfulness?

A. Mindfulness for adults can have an impact on the enjoyment of everyday life, coping with stress and susceptability to depression. Combined with a spiritual outlook it can help people feel more awake. The evidence for Mindfulness with children and young people is growing but already indicates that the courses are well-received and can help with focus and self-awareness.

Q. Why is previous experience necessary for the 4-day course?

A. Research suggests Mindfulness is best taught by people who have a regular practice and commitment to Mindfulness. Authenticity is important when guiding both meditations and the enquiry that follows.

Q. What is the 5-step mediation?

A. The 5-step meditation is a cumulative practice that is built up over a 6-8 week scheme of work. It includes mindful movement and body awareness, gratitude and compassion, breathwork and intention setting. It offers students progression towards a longer practice that incorporates shorter meditations that have been researched to have an impact on people's lives.

Q. Is Mindful Classroom Managment an effective approach?

A. Mindful classroom management aims to bring awareness to discipline by reclaiming the educative meaning of the word. Discipline really means to teach, so this aspect of the course encourages teachers to identify what challenging behaviour is telling us in terms of what needs to be taught. It views arbitrary punishment as both non-educative and not mindful. In the long-term, a mindful appraoch to discipline has greater impact as it is about learning from mistakes so they are not perpetually repeated.

Q. What resources are available to support the training in schools?

A. By following the Just Beez Mindfulness course you will be licensed to teach the scheme of work at your educational setting and will be given all the resources you need to teach the programme. This is supported by an app and Mindful diaries, which can either be printed independently or ordered from us at extra cost.